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  • How are DEX QM Premium lubricants produced?

    DEX QM Lubricants are manufactured according to the double blend / double premium principle. DEX Oil uses only premium quality base oil. This base oil is enriched with DEX's QM Technology (single blend) in a separate blending procedure. The enriched base oil is then blended with the appropriate Fit for Use additive packages by Trans National Blenders in its fully automated and certified blending facility, creating the final product. Dex Double blended = Double premium principle!

  • What means 'Fit for Use' / 'Suitable Equivalent'?

    'Fit for Use / Suitable Equivalent' means conforming to OEM specification The most important thing you need to know is, all DEX QM lubricants are manufactured to OEM "Fit for Use" formulations and under the highest licensed standards such as:

    • American Petroleum Institue (API),
    • Quality Management (ISO 9002) and - Environmental Management (ISO 14001).

    If ISO-certified and API licensed productions meet the specifications indicated by the OEM, this by definition means approval. The "fit for use" qualification given by an ISO-certified blender, therefore, guarantees that the lubricating oil produced meets all the OEM's requirements. Nothing more is required.

    • This makes our products safe to use in all applications and conditions.
    • Therefore, DEX QM lubricating oil is suitable for use in so-called OEM applications.
  • Does the use of DEX QM lubricants affect equipment warranty?

    No, The DEX QM technology only improves the physical properties of the base ollie and therefore not the chemical composition. Moreover, we only use additive packages that more than meet the specifications as prescribed by the equipment manufacturer. DEX QM end products thus fully comply with the manufacturer's specifications.

  • What is the difference between your lubricants and standard lubricants?

    DEX QM lubricating oil improves the physical structure of hydrocarbon chains of the base oil from which lubricants are made. After this purely physical operation, the oil molecules have been transformed into a spherical structure that has become up to 500x stronger than the molecule of the unprocessed base oil. Otherwise, the composition is similar to all other premium oils available in the market and with similar additive packages, however now with greatly improved lubrication properties that lead to a strong reduction in friction.

  • How much can I expect in return by using your lubricants?

    Actual gains are determined by a range of variables. So with the right information about your equipment and work processes, we can estimate the savings. We are happy to engage with you and after determining application and required product, we can provide an indicative expected efficiency improvement based on the many references. These improvements are always visible/measurable in the following areas. Energy, Noise, Vibration, Temperature, Wear, Cleaning and Change Interval

  • What does it take to produce a DEX QM lubricant with the specifications of my current lubricant?

    The name of the lubricant you currently use is sufficient. European legislation requires the ingredients of any commercially available lubricant to be disclosed. Thanks to our cooperation with Transnational Blenders, one of the largest independent oil blenders in Europe, we supply finished products that have exactly the same specifications as the product you currently use but with greatly improved performance. In addition, if the situation demands, we have the ability to engineer and produce customer-specific formulations.

  • Where can I buy DEX QM Premium Lubricants?

    Dex Oil works with specialised resellers for DEX QM Premium Lubricants across regions and industry types worldwide. Want to know more about the right sales point for your DEX QM lubricant application please contact us by sending an email using the button below or call +31(0)30 20 71 199

  • Are DEX QM lubricants available anywhere in the world?

    The saying " Follow the client wherever he goes" also applies to DEX QM. Throughout Europe and beyond, we can supply DEX QM lubricants by drop shipment. The network of distributors and agents is expanding rapidly. We will always talk to our customers to ensure the best possible availability based on their needs worldwide.

  • What is the DEX QM product liability?

    All "fit for use" lubricants produced by our manufacturer(s) are covered by comprehensive product liability insurance with a top tier insurer. Deliveries by Dex Oil to its customers are covered by this insurance.

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